Touring Nutrition Education Program Seeks Teachers Who Rock

Job Description:

Looking for a job that combines your love of teaching with your passion for the arts? Join the cast of the world’s only rock & roll nutrition show, Jump with Jill. Auditoriums around the country will be your classrooms; audiences of thousands will be your students. Competitive salary and benefits.

Does this sound like your dream job?


Seeking candidates who are:  

  • certified teachers from all areas of specialization
  • registered dietitians that sing
  • musicians, recording artists, and sound engineers or techs
  • performers and teaching artists
  • personal trainers and fitness instructors

By playing the charismatic leaders of this award-winning education program, you will utilize the investment you’ve made in your credentials on a grand scale; your rap about bone health and your super hero strut for vegetables will have an immediate and powerful impact.

General Requirements:

  • desire to do meaningful work that makes a real impact in children’s lives
  • passion for health and wellness
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • valid driver’s license
  • squeaky clean record (criminal, child abuse, and FBI felony checks are conducted on all potential employees)
  • residency or willingness to relocate at your own expense to Pittsburgh, PA

Job Descriptions:


Jill is the charismatic lead performer of the Jump with Jill show. She controls the crowds, manages the clients, and handles the deliverables. Experience in theater, music, dance or as a teacher in a classroom are a must as this is primarily a performance role.

Jump with Jill - McHenry Il 0240 1 EastCoastCast_CLM_5065


DJ is the backbone of the Jump with Jill show. Although he appears on stage for the duration of the show, his primary role is technical. He backlines equipment, runs live sound, and sings along with the crowd. Successful people in this role come from two primary backgrounds: education or the arts (acting or technical). Performance and technical experience are beneficial but not required to be considered for this job. We will train you!

Jump with Jill DJ performs live Jump with Jill - McHenry Il 0007 Jump_detroit-43


The Production Manager is the back-of-house sound technician as well as a a swing for the performance roles. The role is open to a prospective Jill or a DJ. The Production Manager backlines equipment, runs live sound, and sings along with the crowd. Performance and technical experience are beneficial but not required to be considered for this job. We will train you!

Let’s get weird:

Spend some time learning about what we do at Please read the job FAQs below to make sure this job will fit your lifestyle. If you are fighting an urge to pack your bag and start this job no matter what it takes, then please formally submit your application. Note to Health LLC dba Jump with Jill is an equal opportunity employer. Our jobs are open to dudes and dudettes of all races, ethnicities, and ages.



Are we allowed to ask you for a headshot?

If you have ever auditioned for a role, you know that asking for a headshot is standard practice for any kind of job where the employee’s main role is an onstage one. You are the face of our brand, literally. Our HR is a casting agency. We are an equal opportunity employer. Our jobs are open to dudes and dudettes of all races, ethnicities, and ages.

How is my salary offer determined?

Using your degree(s), additional certifications, and job experience, we calculate your offer using a salary rubric. All incoming employees with your credentials and job experience are paid at this rate. While your college business classes will tell you to muscle for money, we will politely tell you to take a hike because people work here because they need to work here not because they like to negotiate. We offer a lovely salary with benefits; annual raises will accelerate you quickly up the pay scale after you nail your first year.

How long is my contract?

Jump with Jill offers one year contracts typically aligning with the start of the school year. This means for twelve months, we will pay you the promised salary with benefits – whether we have enough work for you to do or not. This means your job is never in jeopardy because we are downsizing; you’d only be let go because of poor performance or violation of employee rules. Your end of the deal is that you will always go were we send you and give us first priority. We dedicate ourselves to you and you dedicate yourself to us.

Employees on average work here for 3-5 years. Many transition from the stage to the office for a full time Jump with Jill career. Others live the dream for a few years on the road and use this job to land in their next dream job. We are ok with either, as long as we are both completely upfront each contract year about your future plans as finding your replacement is a year process.

What benefits does Jump with Jill offer?

Jump with Jill pays monthly through direct deposit so your paycheck is available either day of or within 2-3 days of deposit depending on your bank. You will be a W2 employee with all tax deductions made with each paycheck.

Jump with Jill offers Choice Plus Direct through United Healthcare which includes:

  • No deductible for Network care; $2,500 Non-Network
  • $2,000 out of pocket max; $7,000 Non-Network
  • $15 Network copay primary care/$30 Specialist
  • No prescription deductibles; Gen preferred rx $10/gen non-preferred rx $40/non-preferred rx $75.
  • Vision: covers exam, lenses, and frames 1/year with copay $10 for exam and $25 for materials
  • Dental: NO WAIT – 100% preventive, 80% minor restore, 50% endo/perio/oral, 50% major ($1,500 plan max)

Jump with Jill offers a $20/day food stipend for days you are staying in a hotel; if you are out over a weekend, we add a $20/day Weekend Exploration Bonus Incentive (WEBI).

Jump with Jill mandates a monthly RPI (Relationship Plus Initiative) of $75 value with your co-stars. That is, you must go have fun together on the company dollar to promote camaraderie on your team. 

As part of our community giving,  each cast member has the opportunity to donate a Jump with Jill show to a school of significant personal important (such as your childhood elementary school or the school where a parent works) as long as we can make the logistics work with our paid schedule.

Jump with Jill pays for your haircut and colors – ladies every 6-8 weeks, DJs monthly. DJs are also offered a membership to Harry’s shave club to achieve that squeaky-clean look.

Jump with Jill provide all of your costumes, equipment, and pays for all of your travel.

Jump with Jill coordinates and pays for all the logistics of your hotels and your performance schedule and will send you a detailed itinerary of where to be when. You will travel in a company vehicle filled with equipment, props, and lights that you will set up each day. You are not responsible for financing any of the company equipment, however, you are responsible for its care – laundering your costumes, reporting back to HQ when things break, changing the oil and gassing up the car.

After 2 years of service, Jump with Jill offers a Simple IRA retirement plan managed by American Funds. You may contribute up to $13,000 per year (rate effective 2019) and the Company match depends on your contribution. The more you contribute, the more we match. We can match a maximum of 3% of gross salary. You can choose to put nothing in, or put in the maximum.

Annual raises for exemplary performance.

How often will you travel?

A touring cast member will travel 60-80% of the time. Most performances occur during  school hours. We do work weekends occasionally when we have public events but do our best to accommodate for them by granting days off during the following work week or weeks (for example, if you worked a Saturday event, we’d try to give the following Monday off).

Jump with Jill offers 5-6 weeks of vacation depending on how the holidays fall. We always have Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break around Christmas, Spring Break around the Easter, and a we have the entire month of July off. Holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, and MLK day are often not workdays but are not guarantees – they are frequently used as travel days to get to performance dates.

Approximate calendars are posted about four months in advance; detailed schedules are provided every two weeks. Request for personal commitments outside of the time off provided (for example, your sister’s wedding) must be submitted the semester prior (fall semester dates must be submitted in early spring) to allow management to consider them while opening dates for clients.

The advantage of this lifestyle is that you are a professional musician and you get to experience the inside of normal people’s lives in the places you perform, not the tourist destinations, and change the world by doing the most fulfilling job that exists. This is why, above all else, we require people interested in this job to be enthusiastic about the greater mission of this job.  If you truly want to work here, you will emerge stronger as the thrill of traveling wears off. If you are indifferent, we hope to learn this in your audition.

What is the training process like?

At your audition, we will assess you on several tenants:

  • physical stamina
  • acting ability
  • vocals
  • dance
  • improv ability
  • media interview
  • professional goals

If chosen for the job, you will train into the job first as a technical support staff person. You’ll learn all technical sides of the show and watch veteran staff perform daily. When we feel you are ready, we will begin your character study and train into the show as well as costuming, makeup, hair and media interview preparation.

What is a typical day like?

We rise early. Before you even walk in the school, you have meticulously primped your hair, makeup, nails, costumes, eaten breakfast, packed out of a hotel, and traveled to the school. A morning show is typically scheduled at 9 AM. Call time for the show is 2 hours prior to the show start. The show is one hour and you assist with seating and warming up your audience. The show is a school-wide assembly so you are typically in front of 400-600 kids at one time. Tear down typically takes 45 minutes. Lunch! An afternoon show is typically scheduled for 1 or 2 PM at a second location.  Another 400-600 kids rocked. You’ll be wrapped with your show responsibilities around dismissal, 3 or 4 PM. Office work – like sending client photos, checking in with HQ, reviewing itineraries, rehearsing scrips, and solving problems that may have arisen at your show may take you to the end of a more standard work day like 5 or 6 PM. You may also be traveling to the next city through the evening for the following days show.

On an average day, you will have 2 shows scheduled. Occasionally 3 shows scheduled in a day – a back-to-back performance in the morning at one school and an afternoon show at another school. This is an exception.

On mornings when you appear on a morning news show, call time is often 6 AM or earlier. This job is  for people who cannot handle consistent early mornings.

Occasionally, performances are scheduling in the evenings and weekends for family fun nights or public events.

You will share all of these responsibilities and the stage with your touring partner. Jill and DJ function as a family unit, sharing driving responsibilities, setting up the show, rehearsals, and developing unmatched onstage chemistry. The live show is an intensely physical endeavor that requires peak fitness for both the Jill and the DJ. Both cast members need to come into the role at a very high level of physical fitness that you are expected to maintain throughout the course of your employment.

“Office Days” is a week day when you do not have a live show scheduled, but you are expected support efforts at HQ. These days are used to prepare for upcoming performances and assist Headquarters with office tasks. Most importantly, we ask you to do 60 minutes of physical activity on “Office Days.”