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Powerhouse grain brings world-renowned nutrition education program to schools in areas where sorghum grows

Lubbock, Texas – May 10, 2016 – The world’s only rock & roll nutrition show Jump with Jill is poised to rock eight schools in St. Louis, Missouri and Nashville, Tennessee this May thanks to the powerhouse grain, sorghum. Sorghum has been around for centuries but mostly as an ingredient in cereals and breads. The Sorghum Checkoff’s partnership with Jump with Jill puts the spotlight on the new versatile, nutritious grain making it’s way to our plate as a featured fiber like quinoa or rice. The Sorghum Checkoff Jump with Jill Live Tour is rocking schools in the following areas:

• St. Louis, Missouri – May 10 – 13, 2016
• Nashville, Tennessee – May 16 – 19, 2016

“In the same way that quinoa has become part of our fiber lexicon, we want to help energize sorghum as a smart choice for digestive health,” said Jump with Jill creator, Jill Jayne, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RD/RDN) and musician. “Sorghum is American grown so our tour has the underlying feature of connecting kids to their food.”

“Whole grains are an important part of maintaining a wholesome diet,” said Doug Bice, market development director for the Sorghum Checkoff. “Through our partnership with Jump with Jill, we can teach kids about sorghum’s powerful nutrition that can be served up in hundreds of simple ways to meet dietary needs in a tasty, fun way.”

Want to watch sorghum rock?! Performances are closed to the public, but media are welcome to attend. Contact us for the full show locations and times.

About Jump with Jill

The world’s only rock & roll nutrition show Jump with Jill uses music and dance to celebrate healthy habits by transforming nutrition education into a live concert. Created by a Registered Dietitian and professional musician, the show uses singable anthems guaranteed to get students moving and learning about healthy habits. Find this press release and high resolution images at

About Sorghum Checkoff

The United Sorghum Checkoff Program is a farmer-funded organization dedicated to educating and promoting the benefits of sorghum to consumers. Sorghum is a high fiber, protein-packed grain that is the healthy and versatile solution to meeting whole grain needs. For more information about the Sorghum Checkoff, visit Follow the Sorghum Checkoff on Pinterest, Twitter or like us on Facebook.


Meet the Michigan Cast:

Laura Brown, MS, RD – “Jill”

Laura Brown, MS, RD stars as “Jill” in the Midwest Cast of the Jump with Jill show. To date, Laura has performed the show 260 times for 90,000 kids. A proud Michigan State graduate, Laura is the first Jill with the same credentials as creator Jill Jayne. Another singing dietitian? It’s too good to be true. Laura is a graduate of Miami University of Ohio with a BS in Kinesiology and Health. After graduating college, she became a Registered Dietitian and obtained her MS in Exercise Physiology from Michigan State University. Laura came to Jump with Jill after several years teaching at a school-based health clinic as a clinical dietitian, providing nutrition counseling to middle and high school students. Laura’s theatrical experience began when she attended a performing arts high school, where she majored in vocal music and dramatic arts. Since then, she has enjoyed performing in many productions throughout her community, including Legally Blonde, Anything Goes, and Seussical. Laura is in disbelief that she has been lucky enough to find a role where she can combine her career in nutrition and physical activity with her passion for performing.

Nick Greene – “DJ”

Nick Greene co-stars as “DJ Slick Nick” in the Midwest Cast of the Jump with Jill show. To date, Nick has performed the show 100 times for 35,000 kids. In addition to being a pro behind the turn tables, Nick is a certified teacher and a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a BS in Biology and Chemistry for Secondary Education. An avid hockey player and disc golfer, Nick also has spent many years on the stage with shows like Chicago, collections of dinner theatre shows, and many works by Shakespeare. Putting his two passions together is a dream come true! Nick hails from Whitmore Lake, Michigan.

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