Welcome to the Jump with Jill Live Tour!

Thank you so much for booking Jump with Jill! Here’s how to get ready to rock!

Step 1: Prepare to rock

Read our rider

Display the tour poster

Send home to parents

Know what technical aspects we’ll be providing with this pdfPlease note we will arrive two hours before the scheduled start of your show to set up.

Download, print, and display copies of this Jump with Jill tour poster around your school to hype the show’s arrival to your students.

Help parents rock at home. Distribute this pdf to parents via email, post to your school website, or send copies home in student backpacks. Also available in Spanish.

Step 2: Build Excitement

Screen the 30-second spot

Screen the Jump with Jill Live Tour 30-second spot for your students so they know what to look forward to:


Start rehearsals

Use our danceable music video series to prime students for learning. This is a great inside recess or PE activity. We bring audience members on stage during the performance. May the best dancers be selected!

  • Danceable Music Video
    Nature's Candy
  • Danceable Music Video
    Get Me Goin'
  • Danceable Music Video
    The Bone Rap

Step 3: Engage your community

Let everyone know about the important work you are doing to prioritize student wellness at your school.

Post to social media

Use this camera-ready kit on your platforms.

Sample Text

Are you ready to rock?! @JumpWithJill Live Tour will visit XXSCHOOLNAMEXX this XXDATEXX

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Connect with media

We love helping your school activate a press plan.

  • Connect us with your PR Rep
  • Access the Cast Media Kit

Step 4: Rock your classroom

To continue the impact of the show, share the link to our free educational tools with your teachers so they can bring Jump with Jill to their classrooms. At jumpwithjill.com/tools, enjoy free music downloads, danceable music videos, posters, morning announcements, and activity sheets to continue the excitement of the live show throughout the school year.