Food & Nutrition Magazine (pdf)

A Rockin’ Approach to Children’s Nutrition

“I’m a born entertainer and use those skills to be an activist for better nutrition.”


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – Pittsburgh, PA (pdf)

Healthy Enthusiasm

“Jill Jayne, aka the Rockstar Nutritionist, gets West Liberty Elementary students in Brookline moving on Thursday with her Jump with Jill program.”

Jump with Jill in the Washington Post

The Washington Post – Washington, DC (pdf)

Music Reviews: Time to Get Down with these CDs

“These songs will knock your socks off, they are so fun. Listen to this when you need an energy boost.”

SNAM First Hand News

SNAM First Hand News – Michigan (pdf)

School Food Service Professionals “Rock Out” at Area 7 Fall Workshop

“Everyone had a great time jamming and dancing to Jill’s music while also learning about how we can spread her message in our cafeterias.”


Northwest Herald – McHenry County, IL (pdf)

Rock n’ roll nutrition show

The rock and roll nutrition show has performed more than 1,000 shows and encourages students to eat healthy and stay active.


Bay City Times – Bay City, MI (pdf)

MacGregor Elementary students have fun learning about nutrition

“The kids are going to remember this better (than a lesson at a desk),” said Brianna Banka, a registered dietician with the United Dairy Industry of Michigan.


Northwest Herald – McHenry County, IL (pdf)

Northwest Outtakes

Kristina Psitos dances and sings a song about nutrition while hosting the “Jump with Jill” presentation at Ringwood School.


Madison Park News – Madison Heights, MI (pdf)

Jump with Jill brings energy to Halfman, Hoover

It was the edgiest description of the dairy aisle ever. And the kids ate it up.

Kirksville Daily Press – Kirksville, MO (pdf)

Green Energy

“Rock and roll. Shake and shout.”

Detroit Free Press — Detroit, MI (pdf)

Nutrition Really Rocks For Jill Jayne

“I get to make media and music to teach kids about healthy habits. I have the coolest job in the world and I made it up!”

Jackson Citizen Patriot – Jackson, MI (pdf)

Jumpin’ around

“Northwest Elementary School students get a lesson in health from Jill.”

Grand Rapids Press – Grand Rapids, MI (pdf)

’Jump with Jill’ to hold casting call for video

“Youngsters dance during the rock ’n’ roll nutrition show… the program is seeking youngsters for its next video.”

Grand Valley Advance – Hudsonville, MI (pdf)

You gonna eat that?

“She uses songs to get the kids to be excited about fruits and vegetables.”

Plymouth Obeserver– Plymouth, MI (pdf)

School show rocks with nutrition push

“It’s a fun and lively way for the kids to learn about good food and healthy choices.”

Monroe News — Monroe, MI (pdf)

Raisinville Elementary youths jump onto fitness bandwagon

“Raisinville won the honor after two students recorded a short video at Calder Dairy about the value of milk in a diet.”

Marshfield News-Herald – Marshfield, WI (pdf)

Washington Elementary School

“Washington Elementary’s submission trumped entries from all across the country by embellishing the original choreography with swing dancing, poodle skirts, a juggler and running through a roll paper banner featuring the school name.”

MLive Grand Rapids – Grand Rapids, MI (pdf)

Kidz Fun Fest to encourage a healthy lifestyle for children

“It’s all about teaching kids to believe in themselves and healthy habits.”


The Courier-News – Carpentersville, IL (pdf)

A Taste of Stardom
“All were scenes that Jayne filmed Friday at Wright for one of two videos she plans to make during her two-week ‘Jump with Jill’ tour of Carpentersville-based Community Unit School District 300.But the awestruck little boy who shouted, ‘I see Jill!’ in the hallway? That wasn’t in the script.”

Jump with Jill - The Berkshire Eagle

The Berkshire Eagle – Pittsfield, MA (pdf)

“Jill” urges kids to eat well
“You know it’s going to be a good day when there is a DJ and a rockstar at your school.”

Corpus Christi Caller Times – Corpus Christi, TX (pdf)

Excited about Eating Healthy
“Jill, played by Lauren Lucksavage, high-fives a group of third-graders Tuesday as they arrive for the Jump with Jill assembly on nutrition and healthy eating at Tuloso-Midway Primary School.”

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Love of Rock & Roll Fuels This Nutritionist

Pittsburgh Post Gazette – Pittsburgh, PA (pdf)

A love of rock ‘n’ fuels this nutritionist
“Not only was it fun, but it was educational for her daughter, her mother noted.
‘Plus, she is eating healthier. In the video, they eat broccoli that they dip in salad dressing, and now she does that all of the time,’ Mrs. Rodriquez said.”


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Pittsburgh, PA (pdf)

Music Reviews: Time to Get Down with these CDs
“These songs will knock your socks off, they are so fun. Listen to this when you need an energy boost.”


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Pittsburgh, PA (pdf)

Nutritionist uses rock music to deliver healthy message

“We want it to be more than an assembly. We want to provide the educational tools so the program continues.”

The Pantagraph - LeRoy IL

The Pantagraph – LeRoy, IL (pdf)

Students Feel the Groove – LeRoy Kids Win Health, Dance Competition!
Morgan was among sixth-graders who choreographed, coordinated, edited and produced a video that included most of the children in the school. The video they created supported a new Jill song, ‘Nature’s Candy,’ which promotes choosing fruit over sugary snacks.

Teacher Carly Morales ran the camera and offered support as needed. ‘The sixth-graders did most of the work,’ she said. Students learned teamwork, nutrition, got exercise and improved video and editing skills.”


Fraser Clinton Township Chronicle (pdf)

Jump With Jill rocks with nutrition in mind

“The messages are great,” said district Food Service Director Mandy Sosnowski. “It’s really appealing to the kids at their level by incorporating music with a healthy message.”

Charlotte Sun – Port Charlotte, FL (pdf)

‘Jump with Jill’ at Neil Armstrong

“We get only one body, takes care of it,’ was Jill’s message to kids. Dancing with Jill, fourth-grader Kate Cooley got to laughing so hard she couldn’t dance anymore.”

The Burlington Free Press – Burlington, VT (pdf)

Rockstar Nutritionist Visits School

“Registered dietitian Jill Jayne has a master’s degree in nutrition education from Columbia University and, like her brother, is a professional performer.”

Pittsburgh Tribune Review – Pittsburgh, PA (pdf)

Rockin’ into Better Health

“Jill Jayne jumps at chance to entertain, educate children about nutrition, exercise.”

The Indianapolis Star – Indianapolis, IN (pdf)

Healthy Food Rocks: High-Energy Nutrition

“The self-described ‘rock star nutritionist’ visited Tuesday with students in Grades K-2 at the Carmel school for an up-tempo presentation about nutrition, fitness and health.”

Cincinnati Enquirer – Cincinnati, OH (pdf)

Students Learn about Nutrition

“Jill Jayne and her brother, Mark Jayne, put on the interactive show for kids that teaches nutrition through music and movement.”

Green Bay Press-Gazette – Green Bay, WI (pdf)

Calcium and Veggies Never Seemed Like So Much Fun – Dietitian Delivers Message with a Healthy Beat

“Jill Jayne donned a Cheesehead and held up a jug of milk on Monday to highlight the benefits of calcium for about 200 elementary students at Oneida Nation Elementary School.”

Daily Record – Morris County, NJ (pdf)

Lessons in Denville: Read Food Labels

“First-grader Joey DosSantos said it was a good show and that he learned how to keep himself healthy. Second-graders Hope Donaldson and Emily Baccaglini both said they plan to drink more water as a result of watching the program.”

Democrat & Chronicle – Rochester, NY (pdf)

Kids ‘Jump with Jill’ at State Road School

“This is the third year that the Jump with Jill program has been held at school.”

Omaha World-Herald – Omaha, NE (pdf)

Hooping It Up – ‘Jump with Jill’ Gets Kids in the Loop about Healthful Eating

“Are you ready to rock?’ she shouted to her audience. The kids bounced in their seats like popcorn kernels as she started the show. Jayne has ‘more energy in her little finger than I have in my whole body,” Zipay said. ‘And I think I’m pretty energetic.”

The Journal – New Ulm, MN (pdf)

Jump with Jill – Nutritionist Performs at HONU Summit

“Jayne’s performance took aim at informing both children and adults, with music and dancing mixed in to liven up the demonstration. ‘I perform as a living cartoon character. There’s a discrepancy between what we want the kids to do and what commercials are driving them to want,’ said Jayne. ‘The power of commercials is documented. What I try to do is turn those forces on their head to encourage healthy eating.’


The Dominion Post – Morgantown, WV (pdf)

Even Broccoli Rocks at Skyview

“I thought it was really fun to be able to get up and dance,” White-Furman said, before admitting, after careful thought, that broccoli was her favorite vegetable. Classmate Maia Martisko agreed. She said she was a big fan of fruit and veggies as well as Tuesday’s show. “I thought is was very energetic and cool.”

Northwest Herald – Carpentersville, IL (pdf)

Meadowdale Jumps with Jill – Dietitian Visits School to Promote Nutrition, Fitness

“We have to turn this cafeteria into a rock show, and I’m going to need your help,’ said Jayne, star of Jump with Jill‘s rock ‘n roll nutrition show.”


Southern Illinoisan – Carbondale, IL (pdf)

Jumping with Jill – Rock star nutritionist visits Du Quoin Elementary School

“The kids have had a lot of fun and have learned a lot. The cafeteria has made a concerted effort to serve more fruits and vegetables.”


Today’s Dietitian – The Magazine for Nutrition Professionals (pdf)

Born to be a “Rockstar Nutritionist”

“I use the arts to address the serious and complex issue of childhood obesity. Even a child can tell you to eat your vegetables and exercise every day. If people know what they should be doing, why aren’t they doing it?”

The News-Sentinal – Fort Wayne, IN (pdf)

Students Groove to Healthy Tunes – Singer’s Show is Filled with Tips on Good Nutrition

“While they enthusiastically ate up her catchy lyrics and humorous voice effects, the goal of Jayne, a registered dietitian, was to serve subtle, but lasting tidbits of health messages to children about the food they eat.”

Oakmont Community Newsletter August 2012

Oakmont Community Newsletter – Oakmont PA (pdf)

Theater Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Healthy Eating at the ‘Jump with Jill’ Film Festival

“Over the past year, Jump with Jill underwent development to grow from the wildly popular live show into the more permanent medium of video. On Saturday, June 2, 2012, the new danceable music video series and the kids’ cooking video series called Rock Your Taste Buds made their world premiere in Film Festival form at the Oaks Theater.”


IN Community Magazine (jpg)

Fit ‘N Fare: Partnering to Make a Difference in Our Community…

We featured nationally recognized Jill Jayne, MS, RD from “Jump with Jill” to lead the students in a fitness routine on our athletic field. Each year we look forward to this amazing event.


The Centre Daily Times – State College, PA (pdf)

Dietitian Combines Music, Fun for Healthy Lifestyle

“To compete with the junk, promoting health means making messages simple, memorable and exciting.”


The Valley News Dispatch – Tarentum, PA (pdf)

Getting A Jump On Exercise

“Highlands High School graduate, Jill Jayne, a registered dietitian and professional musician, is joined by H.D. Berkey fourth-graders on Tuesday during a high-energy program at the Arnold school. “

Oakmont Community Newsletter June 2012

Oakmont Community Newsletter – Oakmont, PA (pdf)

Theater Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Healthy Eating at the ‘Jump with Jill’ Film Festival

“Doors will open at 1:30 PM where guests can walk the red carpet, rub elbows with the film stars, and enjoy FREE healthy concession stand snacks. The movie shorts will have kids dancing in the aisles and asking parents for their new favorite vegetables.”

Neighbor News – Rockaway, NJ (pdf)

Getting and Early Jump on Nutrition

“Encouraging students to get on their feet, dance, do the robot, and raise the roof, Jayne energizes children as she tell them how to properly feed their bodies.”

Olean Times Herald – Buffalo, NY (pdf)

Area Children Ready to ‘Jump with Jill’

“The only thing easier for children to consume than junk food and television? Catchy tunes that make them move.”

Today’s Dietitian – National Magazine for Nutrition Professionals (pdf)

Rock Show Inspires Kids With Healthy Tunes

“Jill Jayne, MS, RD, is getting kids to rock out in the name of healthy eating during the Jump with Jill show’s ongoing tour.”

Kokomo Tribune – Kokomo, IN (pdf)

ROCKIN’ NUTRITION – Students Get Moving with National Tour

“Eat healthy and exercise. That was Jill Jayne’s message to students Friday at Washington and Darrough Chapel elementary schools”

Democrat and Chronicle – Rochester, NY (pdf)

Giving Kids a Closer Look at Nutrition

“Students at Perkins Elementary School in Newark, Wayne County, team up with ‘Rockstar Nutritionist’ Jill Jayne to promote healthy nutrition for kids.”

Daily Herald – Carpentersville, IL (pdf)

More D300 Schools Meet Healthy Challenge

“Golfview was the first non-charter school in the state to earn the recognition. Rockstar Nutritionist Jill Jayne wrote a song and produced a music video about the school and district’s achievements.”

Journal Review – Crawfordville, IN (pdf)

‘Jump with Jill’ Performs for Local Kids

“After starting as a free performance in New York City’s Central Park ‘Jump for Jill’ has become a nationwide rock show about nutrition.”

News Sentinel – Fort Wayne, IN (pdf)

She’ll Get Kids Moving

“Music and Nutrition. Is there a connection? Rock singer and registered dietitian Jill Jayne of New York City says yes, and she’s made it a career to bring the two together for kids and families.”

Jump with Jill – Fort Wayne Magazine (pdf)

Jump with Jill: Be Healthy the Musical Way

“Jayne has summed up her experience as a teacher, actress, athlete, musician, and nutritionist to prepare a nutrition rock concert for kids, coming to Fort Wayne this month. She’s channeling ‘High School Musical’ to make broccoli cool.”