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Rockstar Nutritionist Jill Jayne’s Tips for Getting Your Kids to Eat Their Greens (online) (JPG)

“Become Food Critics. It’s built into our DNA to be skeptical about what we put in our body, and kids have more taste buds than adults, so they’re more sensitive to flavors. Allow your kids to act like scientists or food critics as they explore a new vegetable, using their vocabulary to describe taste, texture, flavor, and smell. They become more familiar with each food this way, and over time the increased exposure and experience can lead to preference.”


USDA Hosts Rockin’ HealthierUS School Award (online) (PDF)

“We don’t often associate rock music with school nutrition, but perhaps that’s changed after a fun-filled, rollicking event at Golfview Elementary school.”

The White House Blog

First Lady Michelle Obama Recognizes the HealthierUS School Challenge Participants (online) (PDF)

“The 1,273 challenge schools honored at the White House on Monday voluntarily agreed to provide healthy meals based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, including a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain foods, and fat-free or low fat milk.”

Michigan Live – Jackson, MI

‘Jump with Jill’ visits Jackson’s Northeast Elementary School to promote healthy eating, exercise (online) (PDF)

“I like her calcium rap,” said Shonte, 9, a fourth-grader at Jackson’s Northeast Elementary School. “And I like bones because they keep you strong.”

Oakland Press

Schoolcraft Elementary students win performance by rock and roll nutrition band (online) (PDF)

“We continue to offer Jump with Jill to Michigan schools because the show uses behaviorally-focused music to make choosing a drink like milk over soda the coolest thing in the world. Have you seen her perform ‘The Bone Rap’? I mean seriously.”

Tri-County Citizen – St. Charles, MI

Schoolcraft Elementary students win performance by rock and roll nutrition band (online) (PDF)

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to have “Jump with Jill” come to St. Charles Elementary School,” stated Ric Moody, physical education/health teacher.

Michigan Live

Star in the next ‘Jump with Jill’ music video, casting call set for this month (online) (PDF)

“The “Jump With Jill” rock and roll nutrition show is holding a casting call… for their next music video.”


Michigan Live

Kidz Fun Fest Brings Weekend of Music, Fun Featuring Holland and Detroit Natives (online) (PDF)

“Watson started working with the Jump with Jill tour at the start of this year and said he ‘loves the fact that I get the chance to spend time in my own state performing for kids.’ Known for his beat boxing and singing, Watson has even performed at Pine Creek Elementary School in Holland where he attended.”

St. Clair Shores Patch

‘Jump With Jill’ Gets Princeton Hopping (online) (PDF)

“The school was one of three in Michigan to win a performance of the show, which uses uses singable messages to make healthy habits memorable.”


Jump with Jill rocks with nutrition in mind (online) (PDF)

“‘The messages are great,’ said district Food Service Director Mandy Sosnowski. ‘It’s really appealing to the kids at their level by incorporating music with a healthy message.'”


Tray Talk – Success Stories

Nebraska school district brings families together for food, fun and fitness (online) (PDF)

“‘We were thrilled to be able to share with our community information about healty food and exercise,’ said Diane Zipay, nutrition services director and organizer of the event.



Traveling program promotes healthy habits (online) (PDF)

“‘We want to make sure kids are learning about nutrition, anti-tobacco at an early age,’ said Jennifer Large with the American Cancer Society, ‘so they can live a long and healthy life.'”



The News-Gazette

School assembly programs take aim at health (online) (PDF)

“Lawrence Underwood, regional director of Health Initiates for the cancer society, said the Jump with Jill program reinforces a health message with music, and that helps kids retain it.”


Marshfield News Herald

Washington Elementary School (online) (JPG)

“Washington Elementary’s grand prize winnings include a $1,000 grant and a watermelon party, including a crate of watermelons, decorations, table dressings, serving supplies, watermelon-themed teacher toolkits and student activity books, and Jump with Jill posters and CDs.”

CBS New York

Liguori: President Clinton Brings Important Message to the Humana Challenge (online) (PDF)

“With lots of music and student participation, nutritional expert/musician Jill Jayne teaches hundreds of kids (and adults in the audience) what foods to stay away from and how to avoid being brain-washed from massive advertising campaigns which push unhealthy foods and drinks on America’s youth.”


Observer – Reporter

Students Get Lessons in Health at Fitness Fair (online) (PDF)

“Jill Jayne holds up a low fat carton of milk decorated with sunglasses and a necklace to tell middle school students to choose healthier food options during the Fit n’ Fare assembly at South Fayette High School.”

The Healthiest Schools in America (online) (PDF)

“Target the kids, and adults will follow. This has been Knutson’s strategy for engaging D300 students, teachers, and school board members in developing and adhering to school wellness policies. His secret weapon: Jill Jayne, RD, ‘rockstar nutritionist’ and host of the Jump with Jill show.”

White House Honors Healthiest US Schools

White House Honors Healthiest US Schools (online) (PDF)

“With Michelle Obama interacting directly with us, it was a high-profile experience for schools that have succeeded in taking the HealthierUS School Challenge, and a carrot to the other 99% of eligible schools that could take the challenge,” said Jill Jayne, RD, also known as the “rock star nutritionist.” Jayne hosts the ‘Jump with Jill Show’ in Community Unit School District 300 in Carpentersville, IL, where 17 elementary schools have received HUSSC certification. Jayne has performed 22 times in the district and has also produced three YouTube videos that promoted the HUSSC.

Rockstar Nutritionist' gets kids jammin' to a healthier beat

Stars and Stripes

Rockstar Nutritionist Gets Kids Jammin’ to a Healthier Beat (online) (PDF)

“Jayne brought her nutrition rock show to about half a dozen Department of Defense Dependents Schools in Germany this week, marking the first time Jayne and her entourage have performed at U.S. military schools overseas, according to her Communications Manager and brother, Mark Jayne.”

Daily Herald

More District 300 Schools Meet Healthy Challenge (online) (PDF)

“Golfview was the first non-charter school in the state to earn the recognition. Rockstar Nutritionist Jill Jayne wrote a song and produced a music video about the school and district’s achievements.”

The Courier-News

D300 Schools Meet HealthierUS School Challenge (online) (PDF)

“And Jill Jayne… added, ‘We weren’t just going to check off a box. We were going to make their wellness policy rock.'”

The Courier-News

First Lady Michelle to Fete D300 (online) (PDF)

“In January, Golfview Elementary School in Carpentersville became the first non-charter school in the state to earn the USDA’s Gold Award of Distinction, the highest level of recognition in the challenge. The district’s other elementary schools followed after all began serving USDA gold-standard lunch menu and hosted presentations by ‘Rockstar Nutritionist’ Jill Jayne, who developed a series of entertaining videos for the district to educate its students and parents about healthy eating.”


SNA SmartBrief

Nutritionist’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Assemblies Promote Healthy Eating (online) (PDF)

“‘Rockstar Nutritionist’ Jill Jayne has combined her two passions – rock & roll and nutrition – into a venture aimed at helping promote healthy eating. Jayne’s company, Note to Health, runs the ‘Jump with Jill’ show, a school-assembly program that combines music and nutrition education.”


The Alpena News

TBJH Students Learn Healthier Living (online) (PDF)

“Hailey McDonell and DJ Devon Watson performed as Jump with Jill Tuesday morning, brining the students to their feet with a host of tunes about eating right and exercising. She covered everything from the perks of breakfast to avoiding sugary drinks.”

Northwest Herald

White House Honors D300 (online) (PDF)

“Through the HealthierUS School Challenge, the school received a … grant to bring children’s dietitian Jill Jayne and her Jump with Jill music tour to each of the district’s elementary schools. Jayne also filmed a Jump with Jill music video to celebrate the district’s accomplishments.”


Lawrenceville Patch

Students ‘Jump with Jill’ to Learn About Nutrition (online) (PDF)

“‘This is exactly want we wanted for our foray into obesity,’ school nurse McMichael said. ‘We needed a nutritional activity, which then fed into a health fair. It turned out so great!'”

The Courier-News_Healthier_Menu_Salute

The Courier News

Healthier Menu Salute (online) (JPG)

“Some 16 District 300 elementary schools were among the 1,273 schools nationwide honored at the Oct. 17 reception in Washington, D.C., for meeting the HealthierUS School Challenge last year. That challenge is part of the First Lady’s LET’S MOVE initiative to end childhood obesity within a generation.

In District 300, that included serving a U.S. Department of Agriculture gold-standard lunch menu and hosting presentations by ‘rockstar nutritionist’ Jill Jayne in all its elementary schools. Jayne also created a trilogy of entertaining videos for the district to educate its students and parents about healthy eating.”


The Daily News – Belding, MI

Rock ‘n’ Roll Nutritionist Delivers Healthy Message to Students (online) (JPG)

“Students were up and out of the bleachers in the school gymnasium as Jayne had students dancing and singing to songs about healthier eating habits in a rock ’n’ roll approach to communicating a healthier message.”

Fed Up with Lunch

Fed Up with Halloween (online) (PDF)

“Flash mobs will perform in towns and cities around the country in support of healthier kids. The Rockstar Nutritionist, Jill Jayne is providing great music and choreography.”

CD Reviews (PDF)

“Musician/Nutritionist Jill Jayne merges her two interests on her new CD. Kids can have a workout dancing to Jill’s spunky tunes while taking away constructive lessons, such as the value of a good breakfast, how calcium improves your bones, and the importance of hydration.”


Rockstar Nutritionist Jill Jayne Gets 100,000 Kids on Their Feet (online) (PDF)

“So she’s taken the junk food pitch and turned it on its head, hawking carrots, not Cheetos, betting on the idea that kids are just as likely to remember nutrition songs as they are to remember the catchy jingles of commercials.”

Nashville Scene

I Love Rock ‘n Roll, Cruciferous Veggies (online) (JPG)

“Music and nutrition. Is there a connection? Rock singer and registered dietitian Jill Jayne of New York City says yes, and she’s made it her career to bring the two together for kids and families.”


Seven Cool CDs for Kids (online)

“It’s hard to find good kids music out there. You either get songs about ABCs and 123s, or songs about relationships and (ick!) love. We looked for catchy tunes, funny lyrics and real musicians who just happen to be playing for you!”

The Columbus Dispatch

Tune In (online)

“Try to listen to “Healthy Is Good for Me” without moving your whole body. (Bet you can’t!) Then see if you can name all the instruments you hear. There is a lot going on here!”

My Family Doctor Magazine

How to Save Calories at Restaurants (online)

“Restaurant portions are two to three times what you would serve yourself. Plan ahead by splitting an entree, or doggy bagging before you even start. The more you are served, the more you are likely to eat, so only serve yourself a reasonable portion.” -Jill Jayne, MS, RD, The Rockstar Nutritionist

La Vida Locavore

Jumping with Jill the Rockstar Nutritionist (online)

“Jill Jayne travels the country teaching a program that is part workout video, rock concert and nutrition class. Jill’s efforts mitigate the massive efforts of companies who advertise unhealthy eating and inactivity to children.”

Savvy Sassy Moms

Eco-Savvy Kids Get Your Groove On (online)

“…Jump with Jill has found a way to connect music, exercise and healthy eating into Nutritional Entertainment, now that’s a Rockstar! Both of these products have helped me explain healthy eating & brushing habits all while cutting a rug! Now I have no excuse, my kids should have Healthiest of Belly’s and the Brightest of Teeth!”

The Mom Maven

The Rockstar Nutritionist (online)

“I am a music teacher so I know the power of teaching all sorts of academic subjects using music. I love this CD!”

Dine Dish Delish

Rockin’ CD Review (online)

“I’ve known about this spunky dietitian for a few years, and love how she educates kids about healthy eating through rockin’ tunes and funky presentations (sans power point!) at schools across the country.”

New Hyde Park Patch

New Hyde Park Patch

Herrick’s School News – Jump with Jill (online) (JPG)

“‘We get only one body take care of it,’ was one of the messages that presenter “Jump with Jill” brought to Denton students this past month. Students in grades K-5 were clapping, jumping, singing and shouting with Jill during the Jump with Jill Rock & Roll Nutrition Program.

She Scribes

Jumpin’ with Jill the Rockstar Nutritionist (online)

“Get Me Goin’ is the PERFECT educational “tool” to teach your kids about eating healthy and taking care of their body. It’s one of those CD’s where they are having fun listening to the music and dancing around yet learning at the same time. It’s health education in disguise!” - Jump With Jill

Indianapolis Star Online –

Spirit of Women Day of Dance (online) (JPG)

“‘Rockstar Nutritionist’ Jill Jayne makes a grand entrance to her jam session at Franciscan St. Francis Health’s Spirit of Women Day of Dance at the Primo West Banquet and Conference Center in Plainfield on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012. The event, promoting healthy diets and lifestyles, offered health screenings, aerobic activities, dance demonstrations and instruction, a light vegetarian lunch and the jam session with Jayne.”

Grocery Mama

Someone Get This CD in the Schools! (online)

“This CD should be in the schools. Learn to dance to the songs at gym, play with them at recess, whatever. These songs have a message and will get kids moving.”

Maternal Spark

Getting Jiggy for Healthy Eating with Video Goodness (online)

“It’s all about healthy eating and nutrition but she really just loves the music. It’s not ‘kiddie’ music, you know? “

Jill Jayne - Fooducate

Nutrition That Rocks – Using Media to Solve Child Obesity Epidemic (online) (JPG)

“I call myself The Rockstar Nutritionist, armed with my credentials as a registered dietitian and my experience as a rock band singer/songwriter. I join the ranks of even more accomplished activists like Jamie Oliver, Robert Kenner, and Morgan Spurlock who have made health media mainstream. We are using our combined voices to create useful, meaningful media that solves a social problem. Join us.”