The Fellowship by Jump with Jill

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The Fellowship

My fellow superheroes, it is with great humility that we welcome you to our world. The road has been long, but it is the journey that is the true reward. Together we’ve seen dark times. Around every corner, our mission was threatened; French fries posed as vegetables, while carrot sticks went nearly unnoticed in the lunch line. Yet we look to the
horizon and see the hope vegetables bring to our bodies. The potential for all of kid-kind to embrace their superheroes within, just a sauté, grilling or dip in dressing away. Eating nutritious vegetables is the true work of a superhero. And united against junk food, we
will be victorious! The road will be treacherous. But when much is grown, much should be eaten.

Roll call!

Vitamin A! From carrots! For superpower vision.

Vitamin C! From broccoli! To protect your superpower body.

Calcium! From spinach! For super strength bones.

Potassium! From potatoes! For superpower muscles.

Now go! Show your strength in muscle and character. You are what you eat, and kids… you are packed full of vitamins and energy. Superheroes, assemble! Stand tall and take your rightful place in the fellowship of superpower vegetables. Despite this great
milestone, this is only the beginning. Leagues of young people don’t know about the
superpowers of vegetables. We must show them all the true powers vegetables hold.

We interrupt this program to bring you a very important news bulletin. It appears that vegetables have been living unsuspectingly among us for years. While we have long known that vegetables are a healthy choice at meal time, researchers have just
announced that they are indeed the secret behind the success of our most famous superheroes. In response to these findings, kids all over the world have taken to the
dinner table, the lunch room and snack time to “Veg Out!” contesting how the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman will go down in the history books.