Slow Food by Jump with Jill

Rob GriffithListen Grid

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Slow Food

[Verse 1]
Everybody’s rushing to get themselves a meal
They’re calling it fast food, but that’s not the whole deal
It’s cheap, it’s easy, but it’s greasy
Not good for a healthy body I like my food slow

I like my food slow, potatoes not curly fries
Tomatoes not ketchup, and apples not pie
You get burgers in minutes or less
I prefer food without all the mess
It’s grease and sugar that you really order
So I’m singing about something simpler
I like my food slow

[Verse 2]
Corn cobs and salad need a little ballad
To serenade their growing season each and every day
From seed to bloom to vegetable
that’s how they get to your table
I like my food slow


All that extra packaging, and all that extra flavoring ain’t got nothin’ on me
It might not be fast or have a commercial,
it might be green, orange or purple
One thing’s for sure I’ll get sentimental ‘cause all of those flavors are oh so natural I’ll
take a salad and turkey sandwich
I like my food slow