Nature’s Candy by Jump with Jill

Chris ClutterListen Grid

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Nature’s Candy

[Verse 1]
I’ve got a case of the munchies and I need something sweet
I won’t go grabbing, candy fruit is what I need
I could go bananas, pears make me berserk
And yogurt on my pineapple is perfect for dessert

Nature’s candy, Nature’s candy
(I call it) Nature’s candy, (I’m singing) Nature’s candy
I’ve got a sweet tooth for my favorite fruit
Nature’s candy

[Verse 2]
I don’t need cotton candy, I don’t need jelly beans
You’ll find me with watermelon spitting out the seeds
Toast with avocado a slice of harmony
Or blend a smoothie with a frozen berry symphony


You know why I love fruit so much? Well, it’s sweeter than candy.
But it’s even better than tasting better than candy.
Fruit is full of healthy stuff like vitamins and minerals and fiber that your body needs to
grow big and strong.
A great tastin’ food that’s great for you?! Well, that’s makes me wanna….

[Verse 3]
Vitamins and fiber complete my healthy checklist
And oh how sweet that such a treat could also be my breakfast