Get Me Goin’ by Jump with Jill

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Get Me Goin’

[Spoken] Breakfast!

Gotta g-g-get me goin’
Gotta g-g-get me goin’
Gotta g-g-get me goin’
Gotta g-g-get me breakfast!

Gotta g-g-get me goin’
Jump with Jill in the house!
Gotta g-g-get me goin’
Gotta g-g-get me goin’
¡Salta con Jill en la casa!
Gotta g-g-get me breakfast!

Mr. Desayuno, dropping on the scene of your morning routine, living proof that when you get breakfast in your life, you can turn getting up on the wrong side of the bed into the right side of the bed. Yeah, I’m dreamin’ of a world where it’s sunny-side up so I’m rockin’ so hot that the beat pops up. Hey. You ready to get this goin’? Ha.

[Verse 1]
I’ve been waiting all night
¡Adiós, noche!
for this moment to arrive
Rise and shine, mi amigo!
I can hear my stomach growl
Your gonna hear me roar
from at least a quarter mile
10-4, roger that!
Prowling for some energy
Somebody feed this girl!
Hunting foods my body needs
My day will never stand a chance
It’s ocho o’clock somewhere!
When I do this breakfast dance
¡Dímelo cantando!

E-i-e-i-e-oh, e-i-e-i-e-oh, e-i-e-i-e-oh – It’s breakfast time!

[Verse 2]
Grabbing up my spoon and bowl
Cuchara y cuenco
pouring in my cereal
¡Leche semi-descremada!
Splash it with some low fat milk
Make it rain, yo!
to give me that energy fill
Not too much, gon’ get soggy
Toasting up some jam and bread
Don’t drop it like it’s hot
Cooking up another egg
¡Huevos calientes!
Mixing yogurt up with fruit
Hit it, DJ!
Or spin it all into a smoothie

[Pre-Chorus] Re-re-re-remix!!!

¡Esta canción me da hambre! This song makes me hungry! ¡Cántalo Jill! Sing it, Jill!
It’s the break of a long night fast! That’s why they call it… Breakfast!!

Eat it at the table
At the table
Eat it at your desk
At the your desk
Eat it out your bookbag
Out your bookbag
BOTH: Break the fast yeah break the fast
Desayuno or a breakfast
All up in your morning checklist
Call me señor, call me mister
Can I get a shout out
“It’s Jill on the vocals!”
Breakfast! Breakfast!
Mister! ¡Señor! Jill!
BOTH: We duo!
English! Spanish!
BOTH: We just wanna say….
Was that too much? Let me slow it down… drop that beat, suelta el ritmo.

[Chorus x 2]