Energy by Jump with Jill

Chris ClutterListen Grid

Sing along!


Energy! Energy! Energy! Energy! 1, 2, 3, 4!

[Verse 1]
Life’s a race, you fall in line
But when you eat those healthy foods, you get a better time
Rev your engines, the starting line
Get the power from the foods that get you ready for the ride
Because your body needs…

Energy! Energy! Energy! Energy!

[Verse 2]
To get to school, to take a test
Even when you daydream, you need the absolute best
To concentrate, to tell a joke
Better food will make the punchline jump right out of your throat
Because your body needs…

Energy! Energy! Energy! Energy!

Hey! Listen up, I got something to say
If sugars all you got for me, get out of my way
I’m looking for the kinds of foods that build up my game
I’m feeling good just like I should with what’s on my plate
Because I need energy for everything
Running, jumping, thinking, even when I’m sleeping
So here’s a thought I’m brewing over every day
My food is thinking for me so I’m choosing wisely
Energy for everything, energy for everything, energy for everything
That’s why I’ll be eating the best foods for me

[Verse 3]
And when you’re out, and hunger comes
And it seems it doesn’t matter what you’re grabbing at to eat for lunch
Remember what we said…

[Chorus x 3]