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Plate with Characters 140312_JWJPlacematBW_v19 140312_JWJPlacematCLR_v2b
Just the Plate 140313_JWJPlacematBW_v20 140313_JWJPlacematCLR_v2
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MyPlate was developed by the United State Department of Agriculture in 2010 to illustrate the five food groups that are the building blocks for a healthy diet using a familiar image — a place setting for a meal.

Jump with Jill took this design to heart and created their own version of this tool in their trademark rock & roll style. The plate is a record, the milk coaster is a CD, and the utensils are musical instruments. The record is titled after their song about exercise, The Beat of the Body, to integrate the fitness with the food messaging. Each group is represented by a food featured in the live Jump with Jill show including the naturally sweet watermelon wearing headphonesthe blinged out milk jug who goes by his rapper name “Calcium,” a high protein egg sporting a Jump with Jill snapback, a heart healthy piece of whole grain bread wearing a bow just like Jill, and a carrot dressed as a Superpower Vegetable.