Have You Heard the News? The Saga Continues with Second Viral Video Launch as All D300 Elementary Schools Apply for Healthier US School Challenge

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Following the momentum of Golfview‘s Gold with Distinction which culminated with 22 live Jump with Jill performances and the viral video “Going Gold” on YouTube, D300 has applied for the HealthierUS School Challenge for all its elementary schools. To celebrate and assist other schools to learn from their efforts, D300 and The Rockstar Nutritionist are releasing a new video that describes how all of D300’s elementary schools took The Challenge! The video – “The Jill Jayne Chronicles: Uncovering the Case of the HealthierUS School Challenge” – stars many of D300’s own students and staff and is the second in a series of three to document their commitment to improving the wellness standards of its students. D300 now hopes to add another 16 schools to their USDA award status tally and to join the few existing other schools in the nation and the 14 other schools recognized in all of Illinois.

“I went undercover as an investigative dietitian,” says Jill Jayne, MS, RD, infamous wellness change agent and the host of the upcoming video. “If we understand intellectually what schools need to do to create a culture of health, then why aren’t more schools doing it? From the point of view of the students, I grab headlines to highlight how other schools can follow in D300‘s footsteps.”

The Challenge is a voluntary recognition program from the USDA that recognizes outstanding achievement in healthier school environments. The criteria for evaluation include rigorous standards for the food quality of meal programs served, physical fitness activity and nutrition education.

Jayne Jillian interrogates Principal Wicker at Gary D. Wright Elementary School

“The new video joins ‘Going Gold’ as a popular tool to help build momentum and promote the USDA HealthierUS School Challenge and nutritious school meals around the nation,” said Samia Hamdan, MPH, RD, USDA Midwest Region Nutritionist.

D300’s Golfview Elementary recently led the charge as the first non-charter school in Illinois to be awarded Gold with Distinction. The Gold of Distinction award is endorsed by First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign to reduce childhood obesity. The new video is a teaching tool for teachers and students, parents and kids. Get a discussion going about school wellness with this video!

YouTube link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvqnYhR9-iI

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Watch the new video (and pay close attention!) It’s your turn to be a detective!  Can you answer all of these questions about the video?

·   Why did Jill go undercover?

·    What city did Jill travel from to get to D300?

·    What orange vegetable did Jill have on her lunch tray in the cafeteria?

·    What other healthy foods were on the lunch tray?  How many can you name?

·    What is your favorite healthy food item on your school’s menu?

·    What is your favorite healthy food to eat at home?

·    What did Jill need to find her way to the gymnasium?

·    What is your favorite thing to do in PE class?

·    What is your favorite way to get exercise at home?

·    Who did Jill find were the main players on the school wellness team?  Who in the school helped to bring about healthy changes for the students?

·    What were some of the healthy changes that D300 made?  How many can you name?

·    What can you and your family do to help support the changes your school is making?

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One Comment on “Have You Heard the News? The Saga Continues with Second Viral Video Launch as All D300 Elementary Schools Apply for Healthier US School Challenge”

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