Share What’s Cookin’ at Your Family Meal

Celebrate the rockstar in your family’s kitchen

With the planning and love that go into a meal, it has been scientifically proven that families who eat together rock. When families cook at home, the meals tend to be lower in fat and salt, have more fruits and vegetables, and are better portioned. But the benefits of family meals are beyond just nutritional. The social and emotional connections kids strengthen with their families when they eat together help kids perform better academically, engage less in high risk behaviors, and reduce their risk for obesity and disordered eating. The benefits of eating together are so overwhelming important that even if you don’t consider yourself a chef, your cooking goes a long way toward better health for your family!

Step 1: Get Cookin’

Make something nutritious and delicious for family dinner.
Find inspiration with these recipes.

Step 2: Share a Photo

Capture your family meal at any phase of the meal preparation process – grocery shopping, cooking, or enjoying. Then post the photo with the hashtag #FamilyFoodRockstar so we can see the fruits of your labor.

Step 3: Stay Tuned

We’ll be watching our social media feeds for the best pictures to share and retweet. We’ll aggregate some of the best here at

Thanks for all you do to make family meals rock!