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Watching the Jump with Jill Live Show Segment Series is no replacement for witnessing the intensity of the live show, but at least it’s video evidence that that this actually happened to your school day. After you watch, collaborate and listen with your class to get credit for revisiting our show:

Sweet Beat

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jump with jill sweet beat nutrition education tool

This interactive music video about fruit, The Sweet Beat, is a bumpin’ hook about the naturally sweet taste of fruit.  That’s what I call a “Sweet Beat.” Now, let’s see what you can do.  Pick your two favorite fruits and make up your own dance using the audio track. How sweet is your beat? Post your video to social media with the hashtags #SweetBeat and #EatMoreWatermelon.

Sweet Beat

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From our new lyric video series, Jump with Jill is proud to reimagine The Sweet Beat a la Fruit Ninja. Watch the original production at

Get Fresh

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Jill and DJ get fresh inside and out to prepare for the Jump with Jill Live Tour Presented by Meijer. Styling like Jill is not just about a fashionable outside, we have to start with the inside: vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy, whole grains, and quality protein. Getting fresh starts in Meijer’s produce aisle full of fresh fruits we call Nature’s Candy and fresh vegetables we call Superpower Vegetables. Pick cereals with whole grains as their main ingredients. For a healthy, protein packed on-the-go snack, try low fat cheese sticks. Jump with Jill fashion is inspired by all these healthy foods. For nail colors, consider watermelon colors: pink and green! Being Jill means over accessorizing with lots of bracelets, necklaces, … Read More

Get Me Goin’

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In this video, the hit song from the Jump with Jill show about breakfast, “Get Me Goin’,” Jill cooks up a Latin beat with the sounds of breakfast with a cereal box as a maraca and fruit bowls as agogo bells. Joining the scene of this morning routine is Spanish-speaking Mr. Desayuno. From the cafeteria, to the classroom, to on-the-go, these two take you to all the places where you can enjoy a delicious and nutritious breakfast in style. Make your way through all three levels until you master the moves. Then use the audio track to make videos of your own!