What is Jump with Jill?

We make healthy ROCK!


Jump with Jill is a music-based health program for kids that makes nutrition education rock, offering audiences live concerts, recorded music, video experiences, and cross-curricular classroom activities. Known as the world’s only rock & roll nutrition show, Jump with Jill uses music and dance to celebrate healthy habits by transforming nutrition education into a live concert. Now in its tenth year, the Jump with Jill show has been performed nearly 3,000 times for a million kids across six countries. This work has led to multiple Emmy Award nominations, two Telly Awards in the Education and Children categories, two Grammy nomination considerations for Best Children’s Album, and an invitation to the White House to meet Michelle ObamaJump with Jill can be found on Point of Sale materials in Meijer stores, as the face of the school outreach arm of the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Farm Fresh Initiative, and a frequent performer for large scale events at National Football League (NFL) stadiums in partnership with the Dairy Council. Created by Registered Dietitian and professional musician Jill Jayne, MS, RD, Jump with Jill is both educationally sound and completely rock & roll. Behaviorally-focused and research-proven, the show creates a world where healthy is not just an important thing to do, but the cool thing to do.

We Change the Way Kids Learn About Health

Jump with Jill changes the way kids learn about health. Boring directives on what not to eat is one of the driving forces behind our culture’s neglect of what’s best for us. The truth is, people know what it takes to be healthy. Even a child can tell you to eat your vegetables and drink more water. But the gap between knowledge and action is widened by the cues to unhealthy behavior that inundate us every day – professional athletes tout fast food in advertisements, vending machines offer our favorite sugar fix, and banner ads encourage us to shed pounds to look like a computer-altered model half our age. Advertisers work very diligently to convert sugar water into a hip, multi-million dollar brand. They target kids to establish lifelong consumers. Today’s generation of kids needs to develop brand loyalty to healthy habits. We think it’s so important, we sing and dance about it.

The Live Experience


Armed with catchy songs, upbeat dance moves, and a hip wardrobe, Jump with Jill uses the same tools normally used to sell junk food and keep kids sedentary to empower kids to make healthy choices. We use singable mantras to make healthy habits memorable. Each song is focused on one healthy behavior that turns a broad goal like “being healthy” into a specific and actionable behavior like eat vegetables (“Eat Superpower Vegetables!”), enjoy fruit (“Enjoy Nature’s Candy”), and exercise regularly (“Compose the Beat of Your Body!”). Jump with Jill brings a full-scale technical production to your location that includes the set, lighting, microphones, and sound system to project live, original music at a healthy volume for our young audiences. The interactive, direct instruction offers structured dance breaks that allow audiences to sing and dance along with onstage talent. Exercising while learning about the importance of exercise? It’s kinesthetic learning in action. By making healthy choices behaviorally-focused and so irresistibly catchy that you’ll need to shake it, Jump with Jill energizes and engages audiences to make the healthy choices that show their bodies the respect they deserve.

And it works!

Research on Jump with Jill demonstrates kids are tuned in. Not only does Jump with Jill get kids rockin’ and learnin’, the messages translate into an overwhelming positive response to the show and an increased and sustained motivation over time.

  • In a 2018 study, statistically significant improvements were reported for drink preferences, enjoyment of nutrition education and experience taking the survey; all aggregate responses for knowledge, attitudes and intention became significantly more positive (p=.05). Furthermore, approximately 95% reported positive ratings to participating in the survey (P<0.0001).
  •  In a 2017 studyJump with Jill program demonstrated statistically significant improvements on students’ (1) willingness to experiment with new healthy foods, (2) confidence that choosing healthy foods will improve their health, and (3) enthusiasm for nutrition education. Furthermore, these results were maintained over time. 
  • In a 2016 study, over 95% of students reported enjoying their experience with Jump with Jill and 94% of students tried foods presented to them after the show. The show sustained enthusiasm for healthy foods over time.
  •  In a 2013 study, teachers found the assembly to be excellent in entertainment value and student engagement. Students were measured to be very excited (92.4%), very happy (92.4%), and not at all bored (94.4%). By comparison, another nutrition assembly rated students quite differently – only 12% of students were very excited, 14% were very happy, and 45.7% were very bored!
  • In a 2009 study, 75% of all surveyed students reported trying to be more active and 81% of 4th graders reported trying to drink more water after seeing Jump with Jill. After seven months after students’ exposure to Jump with Jill, the message regarding the importance of physical activity remained especially strong and continued to be recalled at similar rates to the initial assessment at seven weeks.