Nature’s Candy

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Nature’s Candy Music Video

The Jump with Jill Danceable Music Video Series helps you incorporate movement breaks between coursework, offer an alternative physical education class, or create a performance event for your entire school.

In this video, the hit song from the Jump with Jill show about the benefits of fruit, “Nature’s Candy,” Jill channels her inner James Brown (or shall we say Janelle Monae?) to showcase the electrifying power of choosing fruit over candy.

Joined by her band on piano, sax, upright bass, drums, and guitar and her featured dancers to model the moves, the song is presented in three levels to allow kids to master the moves. Then use the audio track to make videos of your own!

In this video, you’ll learn:

How to do the blender
How to do the Carlton Dance
How to dance like James Brown
How to dance like Janelle Monae

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