Drink More Water! Cucumber Water and other Fresh Fruit Infused Water Recipes

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Trying to drink more water? Infuse your water with fresh fruit! While performing with the Junior League of Corpus Christi this month, I discovered these exciting and delicious water preparations.┬áPreparing them is easy! It’s literally fruit soaking in a clear water cooler.

1) Citrus Cucumber – Lemon, Lime, Orange, & Cucumber

2) Watermelon Basil

3) Orange Mint

(Flavours by Sodexo)

The Benefits of Drinking Water

We need to drink lots of water every day to replace the water we lose every day by sweating, breathing, and using the restroom. Water is a natural remedy for many common ailments! Staying hydrated helps your skin to be healthy, keeps you from getting headaches and stomach aches, helps digestion and prevents constipation, and controls your hunger. In fact, many people mistaken thirst for hunger and end up eating instead of drinking.

When you prepare water this attractively, it helps cue behavior to drink more water rather than soda. And now that I have the key to Corpus Christi, I’ll get to drink all the fruit infused water I want!


One Comment on “Drink More Water! Cucumber Water and other Fresh Fruit Infused Water Recipes”

  1. Jacqueline Replogle

    Jill, Thanks for making the trip down to Corpus Christi two years in a row. We enjoyed having you. Sodexo did a fabulous job showing how water can have flavor and be fun! They have inspired me to dress up my water “and sing a toast to drinking water!”

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