Everything you need to make your classroom rock!

To continue the impact of today’s assembly in your classroom, Jump with Jill provides free nutrition education resources for educators. Our teacher toolkit compliments the standard school day instruction and structure by using cross-curricular learning and multimedia platforms. Enjoy our recorded music, danceable music videos, posters, and activity sheets throughout the school year to continue the excitement of the live show.


Rock out with music from the Jump with Jill show.

Danceable Music Videos

Incorporate movement breaks between coursework, offer an alternative physical education class, or create a performance event for your entire school. Featuring Get Me Goin’, The Bone Rap, Nature’s Candy, and Beat of the Body, each music video offers three levels to allow mastery of the moves.

  • Danceable Music Video
    Nature's Candy
  • Danceable Music Video
    The Bone Rap
  • Danceable Music Video
    Get Me Goin'


Motivate students with these colorful illustrations of Jump with Jill messages.

Worksheets & Placemats

Using math, science, reading, and writing to teach healthy habits, the Jump with Jill nutrition worksheets are tailored for grades K-2 and 3-5 with matching teacher guides matched to Common Core State Standards.

Clip Art

Deck out your school lunch menu with official Jump with Jill Clip Art.