Turkey Baby

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You might know that I’m a professional foodie, but what you might not know is that I was literally born into this career choice. The year that I was born, my mom enjoyed two Thanksgiving dinners, at each respective grandparent-to-be’s households. Feeling like she had had a little too much to eat was instead labor pains and I was born the day after Thanksgiving at 8 AM. I love that my birthday so often falls on or around this holiday because it involves close family and friends, delicious food, and allows me to have a huge say in the cooking, since it is also my birthday meal. Over the last few years, I have somehow managed to convince my parents that … Read More

Healthy Zucchini Bread Recipe: Replace Oil & Sugar with Low Fat Yogurt

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One of the most deceiving foods of the season are the breads and cakes that contain a vegetable, my favorites being pumpkin and zucchini bread. With the abundance of zucchini still available at the market until the first frost, baking it into bread is a great way to “keep it” through the winter. But if you’ve made zucchini bread yourself, you know that it’s not exactly the healthiest choice—full of fat and sugar with a small amount of zucchini. At about 350 calories per large slice, this was not what I had in mind. After receiving a boatload of garden-fresh zucchini from one of my favorite PE teachers of all times—Chissy Matz at Portville Elementary, Portville, NY—I took on healthy zucchini … Read More

Better than Real Life

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Media literacy is huge part of all my work in nutrition. One set of my media literacy teaching tools is to talk about the process of how media is made. The Dove Evolution video/Dove Self-Esteem Fund has done a nice job with their makeup transformation videos. This is mine: Without even delving into the time and energy used to develop the content, this video shows the preparation just to prepare the visual part of the idea. I spend weeks physically preparing for a shoot: 1. regular exercise regimen and eating habits to look healthy and toned 2. professional makeup 3. spray tan 3. professional lighting 4. costumes fitted by stylist 5. over 500 photographs to choose from 6. photoshopping of … Read More