Jump with Jill for preschool features the same approach as the elementary version, only with an entirely new age-appropriate set of music. Goin’ on a Journey: Songs for Every Body will transform the day’s mundane routines into singable anthems – for parents and kids alike. In fact, the CD was considered for a 2011 Grammy nomination for Best Children’s AlbumThe Journey travels to these healthy choruses:

  • This is my amazing body, so I’ll keep eating right and exercising because it’s my amazing home.
  • Fuel your choo choo train with healthy foods.
  • Enjoy nature’s candy, fruit!
  • Give new foods a second try, even if they are yucky the first time.
  • Do jumping jacks like Jill!
  • Everything you want to do takes practice, so don’t give up until you find your favorite sport.
  • Let’s do The Water Polka!
  • When you need to use the bathroom, let an adult know you have business to do.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle!
  • Wear sunscreen when you’re having fun in the sun.
  • Get your bubbles on at bath time!
  • Before you go to bed you gotta brush your teeth.
  • Dream about doing it all again tomorrow.

Live show run time: 40 minutes