Share Your Promise!

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Join the ranks of your favorite superheroes by powering your plate. Vegetables give you healthy skin, hair, muscles, eyes, and bones. United against junk food, we will be victorious! Fellow superheroes… Jill needs YOU to show your superhero strength by trying a new vegetable within the next week! Whether you’ve seen the live show and received this flyer… or want to commit after visiting our website, write your comment below to share your vegetable promise with Jill (and the rest of the world.) Watching the Jump with Jill Live Show Segment Series is no replacement for witnessing the intensity of the live show, but at least it’s video evidence that that this actually happened to your school day.

The Rockstar Nutritionist dances on Pittsburgh’s KDKA to promote danceable music video

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Jill Jayne announced on Pittsburgh’s KDKA that she will be casting her first Pittsburgh-based production. The classroom calisthenics tool will be available nationally for teachers to incorporate movement into the regular classroom day. The video will also kick off the partnership between Jump with Jill and The Movement, a non-profit group organizing a flash mob for the week of Halloween. The music video is set to the hit song Beat of Our Body from the live rock ‘n roll nutrition show, Jump with Jill. Watch the official video here:

The Research Continues on the “Advertised Diet”

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This month’s Journal of the American Dietetic Association, the publication for the my dietetic profession, highlights yet another example of the skewed view of food commercials present. We live in a culture of unhealthy food messages that undermine our ability to make healthy choices. Nutritional Imbalance Endorsed by Televised Food Advertisements by Mink, Evans, Moore, Calderon, and Deger looked at commercials during 84 hours of primetime television and Saturday-morning cartoons. If a person ate the diet recommended by these commercials, their diet would consist of: 2,560% of the recommended daily servings for sugars 2,080% of the recommended daily servings for fat, 40% of the recommended daily servings for vegetables 32% of the recommended daily servings for dairy 27% of the … Read More

The Rockstar Nutritionist Performs (and Works Out) at Parisi Speed School

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In April, the Jump with Jill show took over the lush indoor fields of Parisi speed school in Fair Lawn, NJ for a FREE public performance. Check out photos from the event on my Facebook page. The show was the kickoff for a series of sports nutrition workshops to be held May 11, June 14 and July 1. (Sign up HERE!) In preparation for the show and workshops, I worked out with Director of Training, Steve Leo. First, there’s the warm-up. Rather than the static stretches I had endured throughout my running career, this warm-up could be a work out itself– Sprints! Jumping jacks! Leg lifts! Squats! This dynamic, active stretch prepared my nervous system AND my muscles. Even after … Read More